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Benefits of Tenancy Management System in Malaysia

Are you looking for a way to manage your property? If you have only one should be fine to manage and track the tenancy on your own. What if you have more than one property, what is the next you should be ready with?

A Tenancy Management System,

all in one system to make your renting made easy.

1. Real-time Tenancy Tracking

A way to avoid your property being vacant in another 2-3 months. Why? In the past, you may forget where the tenancy is located, accidentally got wet, or others. You will miss out on the tenancy end date. Now, with just a click, you can check your tenancy agreement anytime you want and anywhere.

2. Automated Rental Collection

Have you faced any tenant runaway or late payment before? If yes, the tenancy management system will be your partner in the renting journey. Invite your tenant to download and sign up for Auto Debit or Credit. Your monthly rental will be an automated transfer to your account. Hassle-free for your tenant and yourself. No more late payments. Avoid any screenshots, upload the payment slip for your reference.

3. Save Time

After MCO, some of the industry's working progress is changed. Most of them are moving to virtual or online businesses. For example in the property industry, during MCO most of the tenants only can rent their units online and make a virtual tour with an agent. Either tenancy agreement also with e-signing & e-stamping. Save time on-site viewing, and also both parties (owner and tenant) signing.

4. Reduce Communication

No more dragging between owner and tenant. Monthly statements, tenancy agreements, and maintenance issue reports are shown in the system. Download the statement as filing, or keep track of the payment.

There are few benefits if you as an owner or agent track your property's tenancy period.

Make your renting made easy with the system.

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