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1st Tenancy Management System with Debit Credit Payment Gateway

Our Technology

Automated Rental Collection

Save time with an integrated Direct Debit/ Direct Credit/ FPX
system on recurring rental collections.

e-Tenancy Agreement

An electronic legal agreement between Landlord and Tenant to e-sign on the document without having the need for the solicitor, future tenant and landlord to meet in person.

Maintenance Management

Tenant can submit maintenance requests with uploaded photos thru APP to ensure repairs are done on time.

Real-time Monthly Statement

Live statement with actual monthly rental income, property status, utility collection, tenancy period, and so on.

Tenant Security Screening

Evaluate prospective tenants that have a good financial record and history like payment history, legal base, credit score and more. 

Broadcast Announcements

Tenant will receive notifications via APP, email & push notifications

Access for All

Applicable for every party like tenant, landlord, and agent as well to update your latest details to avoid any mistake.

Dashboard Analytics

Track your own property statistics with a simple, consolidated dashboard for personal investment or business direction and grow

Property Management

Utility deposits, service charges, sinking funds, quit rent, assessment tax, rental records & more.

About Us

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